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Who Goes Nazi?

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How about the butler who is passing the drinks? I look at James with amused eyes. James is safe. James has been butler to the ‘ighest aristocracy, considers all Nazis parvenus and communists, and has a very good sense for “people of quality.” He serves the quiet editor with that friendly air of equality which good servants always show toward those they consider good enough to serve, and he serves the horsy gent stiffly and coldly.

Bill, the grandson of the chauffeur, is helping serve to-night. He is a product of a Bronx public school and high school, and works at night like this to help himself through City College, where he is studying engineering. He is a “proletarian,” though you’d never guess it if you saw him without that white coat. He plays a crack game of tennis—has been a tennis tutor in summer resorts—swims superbly, gets straight A’s in his classes, and thinks America is okay and don’t let anybody say it isn’t. He had a brief period of Youth Congress communism, but it was like the measles. He was not taken in the draft because his eyes are not good enough, but he wants to design airplanes, “like Sikorsky.” He thinks Lindbergh is “just another pilot with a build-up and a rich wife” and that he is “always talking down America, like how we couldn’t lick Hitler if we wanted to.” At this point Bill snorts.

Mr. G is a very intellectual young man who was an infant prodigy. He has been concerned with general ideas since the age of ten and has one of those minds that can scintillatingly rationalize everything. I have known him for ten years and in that time have heard him enthusiastically explain Marx, social credit, technocracy, Keynesian economics, Chestertonian distributism, and everything else one can imagine. Mr. G will never be a Nazi, because he will never be anything. His brain operates quite apart from the rest of his apparatus. He will certainly be able, however, fully to explain and apologize for Nazism if it ever comes along. But Mr. G is always a “deviationist.” When he played with communism he was a Trotskyist; when he talked of Keynes it was to suggest improvement; Chesterton’s economic ideas were all right but he was too bound to Catholic philosophy. So we may be sure that Mr. G would be a Nazi with purse-lipped qualifications. He would certainly be purged.

H is an historian and biographer. He is American of Dutch ancestry born and reared in the Middle West. He has been in love with America all his life. He can recite whole chapters of Thoreau and volumes of American poetry, from Emerson to Steve Benet. He knows Jefferson’s letters, Hamilton’s papers, Lincoln’s speeches. He is a collector of early American furniture, lives in New England, runs a farm for a hobby and doesn’t lose much money on it, and loathes parties like this one. He has a ribald and manly sense of humor, is unconventional and lost a college professorship because of a love affair. Afterward he married the lady and has lived happily ever afterward as the wages of sin.

H has never doubted his own authentic Americanism for one instant. This is his country, and he knows it from Acadia to Zenith. His ancestors fought in the Revolutionary War and in all the wars since. He is certainly an intellectual, but an intellectual smelling slightly of cow barns and damp tweeds. He is the most good-natured and genial man alive, but if anyone ever tries to make this country over into an imitation of Hitler’s, Mussolini’s, or Petain’s systems H will grab a gun and fight. Though H’s liberalism will not permit him to say it, it is his secret conviction that nobody whose ancestors have not been in this country since before the Civil War really understands America or would really fight for it against Nazism or any other foreign ism in a showdown.

But H is wrong. There is one other person in the room who would fight alongside H and he is not even an American citizen. He is a young German emigre, whom I brought along to the party. The people in the room look at him rather askance because he is so Germanic, so very blond-haired, so very blue-eyed, so tanned that somehow you expect him to be wearing shorts. He looks like the model of a Nazi. His English is flawed—he learned it only five years ago. He comes from an old East Prussian family; he was a member of the post-war Youth Movement and afterward of the Republican “Reichsbanner.” All his German friends went Nazi—without exception. He hiked to Switzerland penniless, there pursued his studies in New Testament Greek, sat under the great Protestant theologian, Karl Barth, came to America through the assistance of an American friend whom he had met in a university, got a job teaching the classics in a fashionable private school; quit, and is working now in an airplane factory—working on the night shift to make planes to send to Britain to defeat Germany. He has devoured volumes of American history, knows Whitman by heart, wonders why so few Americans have ever really read the Federalist papers, believes in the United States of Europe, the Union of the English-speaking world, and the coming democratic revolution all over the earth. He believes that America is the country of Creative Evolution once it shakes off its middle-class complacency, its bureaucratized industry, its tentacle-like and spreading government, and sets itself innerly free.

The people in the room think he is not an American, but he is more American than almost any of them. He has discovered America and his spirit is the spirit of the pioneers. He is furious with America because it does not realize its strength and beauty and power. He talks about the workmen in the factory where he is employed. . . . He took the job “in order to understand the real America.” He thinks the men are wonderful. “Why don’t you American in- tellectuals ever get to them; talk to them?”

I grin bitterly to myself, thinking that if we ever got into war with the Nazis he would probably be interned, while Mr. B and Mr. G and Mrs. E would be spreading defeatism at all such parties as this one. “Of course I don’t like Hitler but . . .”

Mr. J over there is a Jew. Mr. J is a very important man. He is immensely rich—he has made a fortune through a dozen directorates in various companies, through a fabulous marriage, through a speculative flair, and through a native gift for money and a native love of power. He is intelligent and arrogant. He seldom associates with Jews. He deplores any mention of the “Jewish question.” He believes that Hitler “should not be judged from the standpoint of anti-Semitism.” He thinks that “the Jews should be reserved on all political questions.” He considers Roosevelt “an enemy of business.” He thinks “It was a serious blow to the Jews that Frankfurter should have been appointed to the Supreme Court.”

The saturnine Mr. C—the real Nazi in the room—engages him in a flatteringly attentive conversation. Mr. J agrees with Mr. C wholly. Mr. J is definitely attracted by Mr. C. He goes out of his way to ask his name—they have never met before. “A very intelligent man.”

Mr. K contemplates the scene with a sad humor in his expressive eyes. Mr. K is also a Jew. Mr. K is a Jew from the South. He speaks with a Southern drawl. He tells inimitable stories. Ten years ago he owned a very successful business that he had built up from scratch. He sold it for a handsome price, settled his indigent relatives in business, and now enjoys an income for himself of about fifty dollars a week. At forty he began to write articles about odd and out-of-the-way places in American life. A bachelor, and a sad man who makes everybody laugh, he travels continually, knows America from a thousand different facets, and loves it in a quiet, deep, unostentatious way. He is a great friend of H, the biographer. Like H, his ancestors have been in this country since long before the Civil War. He is attracted to the young German. By and by they are together in the drawing-room. The impeccable gentleman of New England, the country-man—intellectual of the Middle West, the happy woman whom the gods love, the young German, the quiet, poised Jew from the South. And over on the other side are the others.

Mr. L has just come in. Mr. L is a lion these days. My hostess was all of a dither when she told me on the telephone, “ . . . and L is coming. You know it’s dreadfully hard to get him.” L is a very powerful labor leader. “My dear, he is a man of the people, but really fascinating.“ L is a man of the people and just exactly as fascinating as my horsy, bank vice-president, on-the-make acquaintance over there, and for the same reasons and in the same way. L makes speeches about the “third of the nation,” and L has made a darned good thing for himself out of championing the oppressed. He has the best car of anyone in this room; salary means nothing to him because he lives on an expense account. He agrees with the very largest and most powerful industrialists in the country that it is the business of the strong to boss the weak, and he has made collective bargaining into a legal compulsion to appoint him or his henchmen as “labor’s” agents, with the power to tax pay envelopes and do what they please with the money. L is the strongest natural-born Nazi in this room. Mr. B regards him with contempt tempered by hatred. Mr. B will use him. L is already parroting B’s speeches. He has the brains of Neanderthal man, but he has an infallible instinct for power. In private conversation he denounces the Jews as “parasites.” No one has ever asked him what are the creative functions of a highly paid agent, who takes a percentage off the labor of millions of men, and distributes it where and as it may add to his own political power.

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  • Wankette

    Moving, and terrifying, all at once.

  • Pedro Nobre Correia

    Impressive how you can find Victor Davis Hanson in there, described to a T.

  • Dusty Thompson

    Wow, just wow. History always repeats itself because of these accurately described behaviors..

  • Dusty Thompson

    Every “tolerant” Liberal/Progressive should be FORCED to read this, lol…

    • Kerney

      Actually, I’ve noticed that Liberals/Progressives tend to fear corporate power more than government power. Considering that government has been a restraining influence on corporate power since FDR, this makes sense that they would want to work through and bolster government. Many people who are prominent have risen due to student loans or small business loans supplied by the government. Government in the U.S, has been about empowering people. It is part of the American tradition.
      Corporate power has always been about taming or controlling government so that they can do what they damn well please. Most Fascists were all about keeping people “in their place”, whether it is Franco cutting wages for workers by half or Mussolini getting his start beating up trade unionists with the corporate power quietly in the background reaping the benefits. It is the system many good German businessmen setting up new factories in Poland on the backs of the ‘cheap labor’ that Hitler has set up.

      So every Tea Party member should read this and wonder who among them would go Nazi. There would probably be more among them than the so called Liberal/Progressives who would be shouting ‘Seig Heil’.

      • tonguetiedfred

        “Believe me, nice people don’t go Nazi. Their race, color, creed, or
        social condition is not the criterion. It is something in them.”

        The Tea Party folks fit the description of the nice guys far better than the sour, screaming, spite filled Occupy crowd, the redistributionists, the people bemoaning their lot in life and demanding that anybody more successful than they are be forced down to their level. The overwhelming goal of the Tea Party is to scale back the power of the state in the everyday lives of the citizens. How scary!

        It is not empowering the people to engage in crony Capitalism, it is not empowering the people to restrict their freedoms to live their lives without government coercion. Government empowers people when it gets out of the way, not when it decides who wins and who loses…

      • Craig Zimmerman

        You should familiarize yourself with the term “The coercive power of the State”. Coca Cola cannot force you to drink Coke, as long as there is a Pepsi available. Which means that any governmental action should be to ensure that the Pepsi’s of the world are free to compete. Coca Cola is not permitted to murder the executives at Pepsi, Coca Cola is not free to burn down the Pepsi bottling plant, etc.

        On the other hand, Government CAN force you to drink Coca Cola. This is how Corporatism works. Corporatism (aka Crony Capitalism) is the economic foundation of Fascism (or in this case, it’s German manifestation).

        If you voted for Obama, you voted for Fascism.

      • The_Archon

        Absolutely false. Tea partiers are far more libertarian than progressives, whose belief in the power of the state as absolute is legendary. Tea party types would as horrified at Hitler’s fascism as they are at Obama’s fascism today. Libertarians want to limit government power, not turn government into the be all end all of a person’s existence. Progressives want to expand government control into every aspect of a person’s life, what they eat, how they consume, how they worship, where they work, how they sleep and breathe (and they know because they are spying on you), because progressives believe that a man has no value except what he can provide the state. Outside of his value to the state, a man has no value. Tea Partiers believe in the inherent intrinsic and divine value of a human being. The two beliefs are directly opposite of each other.

        As for who would be shouting Seig Heil like mindless zombies, worshiping, venerating and operating in lock step with their charismatic cult leader who tells them what they want to hear and makes them feel good about themselves and gives purpose to their otherwise meaningless lives, they are already doing that right now today.

  • Kevin Brent

    Fascinating reading. Substitute the word Nazi, with Obama voter or Democrat/liberal/progressive and you then understand why political discourse with any of the them is an absolute total waste of time. Only political defeat against them, will cure us of them.

    • shedidnthaveme

      Cure us of them? You sound like the Nazi.

      • thomaspainelives

        “Only political defeat against them, will cure us of them.” Maybe you didn’t get that part where he says political defeat. No TEA Party member wants to kill or enslave all Democrats/Leftists/liberals; they just want them to go away and maybe a more moderate, willing to listen to both sides of the argument Democrat to take their place.

    • The_Archon

      There is no cure, see the parable of the wheat and the tares.

      Just live your life so that you are the wheat, and not the tares.

  • Wheel

    Interesting read. Trade Nazi for teabagger and you have today’s world in a nutshell.

    • chicagorefugee

      Oh, absolutely. Because the Tea Party is all about expansive and authoritarian government ….

      • Kerney

        They are about letting our corporate lords and masters run roughshod over Mom and Pop or any other ‘little people’. They have a lot in common with fascists. Mussolini, after all, got his start organizing gangs to beat up trade unionists on on behalf of big business. Goebbels would be VERY comfortable working for the Coke brothers, for they both specialize in ‘big lie’ propoganda, whether it be about Jews or Obama.

        • John_Q_Galt

          “Nazi” is short for National Socialist Democratic Worker’s Party, you ignorant yokel.

          And it is spelled “Koch” brothers, not “Coke” brothers.

        • The_Archon

          Goebbels would be perfectly comfortable working in today’s DNC or running the OFA nee ACORN and organizing OCCUPY BERLIN protests, he would despise everything about the tea party. Too free thinking, too independent, too self sufficient, Goebbels and his ilk wanted zealous ideologues who would kill or enslave anyone who disagreed with them. It is the Liberals who want to control people, not the Tea Party. Liberalism = Progressivism = Communism = Fascism = Socialism = Marxism = Nazism. All birds of the same feather, same goals: total control of the people around them. Your so called Tea Baggers are the ideological diametric opposites of the Nazis.

  • trevalyan

    If you read this only to say “The Tea Party/ Occupy movement are Nazis!” then you’ve probably missed the point of the article.

    I think the author is wrong, and the logic of the error is in his own article. The brave young German is nice and intelligent- no doubt his friends in Germany shared his niceness, if they didn’t quite have his drive and resolute ethics. And all went Nazi. If they were anything like their friend, they probably rose quite high. The point is, nice people can become Nazis- Germany itself didn’t become Nazi out of a commitment to being bastards. If you have a code, though, something that’s opposed to the values of Nazism- and kissing up to Krupp was never one of those principles- then you may have a chance.

    The point of the article is to look -people- over for weak points. What about them is susceptible to Naziism? If you think aristocracy and tradition will keep you from Nazi influence, just ask von Ludendorff how that worked out. If you think it’s holding to an opposite ideology like communism- well, there’s just no hope for you.

    As for me, I can say that ersatz Nazis trying to intimidate me would fail- probably badly enough that I’d go out like Jack Ruby and gut shot some Nazi Congress critter. But I like people, I like tradition, and I like stability: would the community provided by some inspiring demagogue be enough to bring me around? Would some senior officer saying, “Heil, my young friend… you look like a man who wants to be someone!” be enough?

    Well, ask me again in three years.

  • Maggie Sullivan

    The Gov. and mayor of N.Y. are already fascists……’s an interesting world. This is why we in the Midwest are keeping our guns.

  • iconoclast

    Wow. It just goes to show you that regardless of all attempts to the contrary human nature just does not change.

  • Peejay70

    Wow. Harper’s used to be so much smarter than it is now.

  • Zebra Dun

    When in Rome do as the Roman’s do, if you are in a nation that is run by NAZI’s then for your own safety either leave if possible or go NAZI.
    A National Socialist political party in charge would make you join the NAZI party (or affordable healthcare) or else……..Dachau (or the IRS).
    I would become a NAZI as would everyone here if only with their lips and actions if not their hearts for survival.
    NAZI”S do not like competition nor the unbelievers.


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