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In the Beginning. . .


?? ???? ?? ? ?????,
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????? ?? ?? ???? ???? ??? ????.

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??? ?? ??? ?? ?? ?????? ??????,
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???????????? ???? ????,
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????? ????? ??? ?????????,
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??? ?????? ??????????? ??’ ?????.

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???’ ??? ????????? ???? ??? ?????.
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????????? ??? ??? ??????.

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??? ? ?????? ??’ ????? ???????,
??? ? ?????? ????? ??? ????.
??? ?? ???? ?????,
??? ?? ????? ????? ?? ?????????.

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???? ?? ????????? ?????? ???’ ?? ???? ???????????.

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????? ?? ?????????? ???? ??????,
?????? ??????? ??? ????????.

At the origin was the Word,
And the Word faced God,
And the Word was God;
This faced God at the origin.

Through Him all things came to exist,
And without him nothing that exists existed.
What existed in him was vivifying,
And the vivification was a light to men,
And the light shone into the darkness,
And the darkness did not cope with it.

He was in the universe,
And through Him the universe existed
Yet the universe did not recognize Him.
He came to his chosen ones,
Yet His chosen did not welcome him.
But to all those who did welcome him
He gave the privilege of being God’s offspring.

And the Word became human flesh
And bivouacked with us.
And we have seen his splendor,
A splendor of God’s only Son,
Supreme in favor and fidelity.

Since of his supremacy
We all have our share,
Favor answering favor.

John 1:1-14 (ca. 90 CE)(English transl. Garry Wills, following Raymond E. Brown, The Gospel According to John)

The italicized words form the “staircase” of linkage in a style common to early Church hymns. The thesis presented by Brown and advanced by Wills is that the Gospel of John originally began with the account of John the Baptist which starts after verse 14. In later editions, however, an early Church hymn was affixed to the beginning. The hymn text was modified at four separate points to provide transition to the story of the Baptist and to avoid the confusion that the textual juxtaposition might otherwise have created.

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Joseph Hickman discusses his new book, The Burn Pits, which tells the story of thousands of U.S. soldiers who, after returning from Iraq and Afghanistan, have developed rare cancers and respiratory diseases.

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Beltway Secrecy

In five easy lessons

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Torture, treachery, and the CIA

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The Ideology of Isolation

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American Idle

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My Holy Land Vacation

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The City That Bleeds

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El Bloqueo

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Vladivostok Station

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My Holy Land Vacation·

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"I wanted to more fully understand why conservative politics had become synonymous with no-questions-asked support of Israel."
Illustration (detail) by Matthew Richardson
Inside the July Issue·

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Tom Bissell on touring Israel with Christian Zionists, Joy Gordon on the Cuban embargo, Lawrence Jackson on Freddie Gray and the makings of an American uprising, a story by Paul Yoon, and more

Freddie Gray’s relatives arrived for the trial in the afternoon, after the prep-school kids had left. By their dress, they seemed to have just gotten off work in the medical and clerical fields. The family did not appear at ease in the courtroom. They winced and dropped their heads as William Porter and his fellow officer Zachary Novak testified to opening the doors of their police van last April and finding Freddie paralyzed, unresponsive, with mucus pooling at his mouth and nose. Four women and one man mournfully listened as the officers described needing to get gloves before they could touch him.

The first of six Baltimore police officers to be brought before the court for their treatment of Freddie Gray, a black twenty-five-year-old whose death in their custody was the immediate cause of the city’s uprising last spring, William Porter is young, black, and on trial. Here in this courtroom, in this city, in this nation, race and the future seem so intertwined as to be the same thing.

Artwork: Camels, Jerusalem (detail) copyright Martin Parr/Magnum Photos
Europe’s Hamilton Moment·

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"We all know in France that as soon as a politician starts saying that some problem will be solved at the European level, that means no one is going to do anything."
Photograph (detail) by Stefan Boness
How to Make Your Own AR-15·

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Even if federal gun-control advocates got everything they wanted, they couldn’t prevent America’s most popular rifle from being made, sold, and used. Understanding why this is true requires an examination of how the firearm is made.
Illustration by Jeremy Traum
The City That Bleeds·

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"Here in this courtroom, in this city, in this nation, race and the future seem so intertwined as to be the same thing."
Photograph (detail) © Wil Sands/Fractures Collective

Number of Turkish college students detained in the last year for requesting Kurdish-language classes:


Turkey was funding a search for Suleiman the Magnificent’s heart.

A former prison in Philadelphia that has served as a horror-movie set was being prepared as a detention center for protesters arrested at the upcoming Democratic National Convention, and presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump fired his campaign manager.

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Mississippi Drift


Matt was happy enough to sustain himself on the detritus of a world he saw as careening toward self-destruction, and equally happy to scam a government he despised. 'I’m glad everyone’s so wasteful,' he told me. 'It supports my lifestyle.'

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