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Pythagoras’s Human Typology


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Sosicrates in his Successions of Philosophers says that, when Leon the tyrant of Philus asked him who he was, he said, “a philosopher.” He compared life to the Great Games, where some went to compete for the prize, and others went with wares to sell, but the best as spectators; for similarly, in life some grow up with a servile nature, others are greedy for fame and gain, but the philosopher seeks for truth.

Diogenes Laërtius (???????? ????????), The Lives of the Eminent Philosophers (???? ??? ?????? ??? ?? ????????? ??????????????), bk viii, sec viii (Pythagoras)(ca. 230 CE) (transl. following H. Arendt), in the Loeb Library edition of the works of Diogenes Laërtius, vol. ii, pp. 326-29.

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Scott Horton Debates John Rizzo on Democracy Now!

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Israel and Palestine

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Washington Is Burning

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On Free Will

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They Were Awake

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Where Israel and Palestine can go from here, Washington D.C.’s enduring legacy of racial strife, Edward O. Wilson on free will, and more
"Policymakers, recognizing the growing influence of civil disobedience and riots on the direction of the nation, had already begun turning to science for a response."
Illustration by Richard Mia
Israel and Palestine·

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“If Israel believes it needs to make a wall eight meters high between us and them, let them have it eighty meters high. Under one condition: It has to be on the international border.”
Photograph (detail) © Ali Jadallah / APA Images / ZUMA Wire
On Free Will·

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“Philosophers have labored for more than two thousand years to explain consciousness. Innocent of biology, however, they have for the most part gotten nowhere.”
Collage (detail) by Frederick Sommer
Astra Taylor on The People’s Platform·

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Taking back power and culture in the digital age
“There’s a pervasive and ill-advised faith that technology will promote competition if left to its own devices.”
Photograph © Deborah Degraffenried

Chances that an applicant to a U.S. police force in 1992 was found to be “overly aggressive” on psychological tests:

1 in 2

Engineers funded by the United States military were working on electrical brain implants that will enable the creation of remote-controlled sharks.

Malaysian police were seeking fifteen people who appeared in an online video of the Malaysia-International Nude Sports Games 2014 Extravaganza, and Spanish police fined six Swiss tourists conducting an orgy in the back of a moving van for not wearing their seatbelts.

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In Praise of Idleness


I hope that after reading the following pages the leaders of the Y. M. C. A. will start a campaign to induce good young men to do nothing. If so, I shall not have lived in vain.

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