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[No Comment]

Monica, Rove, and Miers


I previously lamented the failure of the House Judiciary Committee to get into Monica Goodling’s dealings with Rove and Miers. A reader points me to Dan Froomkin’s column:

Goodling described herself as a bit player who couldn’t say how anyone showed up on the list.

“I wish to clarify my role as White House liaison,” Goodling said in her opening statement “Despite that title, I did not hold the keys to the kingdom, as some have suggested. I was not the primary White House contact for purposes of the development or approval of the U.S. attorney replacement plan. . . . To the best of my recollection, I’ve never had a conversation with Karl Rove or Harriet Miers while I served at the Department of Justice, and I’m certain that I never spoke to either of them about the hiring or firing of any U.S. attorney.”

Point noted. However, I never expected that Monica was having regular chats with Rove and Miers, only that she was taking direction from them. Obviously her answer could be literally true and could still be giving a thoroughly false impression. The issue requires heavy follow-up.

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