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Siegelman Update


For those of you who missed last night’s segment on MSNBC with Dan Abrams, here it is.

As Abrams said, the prosecutors have had a pass on their completely outrageous conduct for far too long, and now it’s time for the mainstream media to keep on top of them and expose the extremely seedy underside of a political hit job. The story is coming out.

I am hearing from three different news groups suggestions that each is close to breaking a significant further lead in this case. The new information, it was suggested, will show that prosecutors in the case used evidence that they knew, or had substantial reason to know, was simply false, and will link Karl Rove much more closely to Alabama Governor Bob Riley and to the plans to “get” Siegelman using a false corruption charge. The journalists in question are pushing for further corroboration before going with these stories, but I am still expecting more by the end of the year.

Another thing I keep hearing from the network folks who have researched the case: what’s up with these two Alabama newspapers? Their coverage is absolutely bizarre. As if they existed in some alternate reality. Exactly.

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