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[Washington Babylon]

Goldberg’s Online Mugging


From Gawker:

When the New York Observer’s media blogger Matt Haber (the forgotten Gawker Alum!) devoted a post yesterday to basically announcing the existence of Goldberg’s blog and needling Goldberg for his initial boneheaded support of the Iraq War, Goldberg blew up with rage. Haber’s post was a mugging, he says. Jeffrey, Jeffrey, Jeffrey. We’ll show you what a mugging is.

And from the reader comments, in response to Goldberg’s promise, in his introductory post, to write about topics ranging from “Dylan and Springsteen” to “the civilizational struggle within Islam”:

Jeffrey Goldberg, if you’re reading this, I will send you a coupla mix-CDs of reasonably new music if it prevents you from writing about Dylan and Springsteen. For real. Hit me up, man.

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