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[Washington Babylon]

Obama’s Money: Not all of it coming from those beloved small donors


Much has been made of Barack Obama’s success in raising large sums of money from many small donors. But when you’ve already raised at least $340 million (well above the annual gross domestic product of Dominica and gaining rapidly on Guinea-Bissau, the Solomon Islands and Gambia), it’s not just the little guy and gal who are filling the coffers.

Note the options offered in the Obama fundraising pitch (published below) that went out yesterday, including a dinner and photo-op with Obama set for Boston on August 4. The cost: “beginning at $1,000/person, with dinner and photoline for $15,000 per seat or $28,500 per couple.”


Senator Obama was terrific this past Sunday on Meet the Press.

The lunchtime event tomorrow in DC with Senator Obama is filled to the brim. Last Friday, the campaign decided to limit new attendees to members of the Asian-American community, the group that had initially arranged for the fundraising event, and also to those contributing $10,000 or more to the Obama Victory Fund. The campaign apologizes to those who had hoped to come and were denied a slot.

There is an event coming up with Michelle Obama in Norfolk, VA on August 6th, hosted by Governor Kaine, and featuring a performance by Bruce Hornsby. Tickets range from $100 – $10,000. Please let me know if you would like to attend.

Or if you just want to make a contribution to help elect Barack Obama our next president, click on….

If you are in Houston, TX, Thursday evening, July 31st, there is a reception with Senator Obama, beginning at $2,300/person.

Or in Boston, MA, Monday, August 4, a reception with Senator Obama, beginning at $1,000/person, with dinner and photoline for $15,000 per seat or $28,500 per couple.

Nantucket, MA: Vice President Gore will be raising money for Obama and the DNC on August 5th. Tickets are $1,000 and up.

Minneapolis: On August 7th, Senator Obama will be at a reception/dinner. Tickets range from $1,000 to $28,500.

San Francisco: On August 17th, Senator Obama will attend a fundraising Dinner at the Westin ST. Francis, tickets are $2,300/person (reception) to $28,000 for dinner.

Thanks again!

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