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Brennan’s Press Friends


Today Glenn Greenwald at Salon does a good, but still not exhaustive, job of cataloging all of the reporters who have, in nearly identical language, rushed to the defense of John O. Brennan, frequently citing unnamed CIA figures close to him, and using nearly identical language to disparage “left-wing bloggers” who “ignorantly” criticized him. None of these stories actually quote these critics.

The backlash from the “intelligence community” over John Brennan’s withdrawal–which pro-Brennan sources are now claiming was actually forced on Brennan by the Obama team –continues to intensify. Just marvel at how coordinated (and patently inaccurate) their messaging is, and–more significantly–how easily they can implant their message into establishment media outlets far and wide, which uncritically publish what they’re told from their cherished “intelligence sources” and without even the pretense of verifying whether any of it is true and/or hearing any divergent views.

Consider that for a moment. Brennan’s press rolodex must be positively bulging, and he and his team have little compunction about accessing it. You’d think someone seeking a Washington post where keeping secrets is of tantamount importance would take a different approach to lobbying for the job.

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