[Washington Babylon ]Obama Off To Rough Start: Gitmo closed but mispelled names mar debut | Harper's Magazine

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[Washington Babylon]

Obama Off To Rough Start: Gitmo closed but mispelled names mar debut


Talkingpointsmemo points to a Time magazine article, “The Obama Team’s Debut: Not Quite Ready on Day One.”

So while the new Obama Administration did jump out of the gate with major announcements on ethics guidelines, the planned closing of Gitmo, and a tightening of interrogation policies, it also endured its fair share of slip-ups.

Granted, it’s mostly the small stuff that has gone wrong. As of Thursday, some smartly dressed press staffers were working without login access to their computers, without Blackberries and with only Gmail addresses to connect them to the world. Several names were misspelled on the signs that identified staff desks. It took the press office until about 10 a.m. on Wednesday to figure out how to send reporters an official White House press release.

This is newsworthy? As they say, the beast must be fed.

Update: Jay Wasserman of Cambridge writes: “I saw this yesterday and it made me cringe. Really enjoyed the ‘and they had to use computers with 6 year old operating systems’ (i.e. windows XP, which 95% of the PC world is using).”

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