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Harper’s Magazine Scholarship in Memory of I.F. Stone Awarded



This year’s Harper’s Magazine Scholarship in Memory of I.F. Stone was awarded to Jonathan Jones, a post-graduate fellow of the Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism.

Endowed by Harper’s Publisher John R. MacArthur and friends, the scholarship is awarded by the Overseas Press Club, which says of Stone:

In a career that spanned more than 65 years, Stone, a veteran Washington reporter, is best known for publishing I.F. Stone’s Weekly from 1953 to 1971, a newsletter that printed the news that was overlooked in the mainstream press. His work almost single-handedly revived investigative reporting. He is remembered as a tough-minded but pacifist gadfly, a tireless examiner of public records, a hectoring critic of public officials, and a pugnacious advocate of civil liberties, peace, and truth.

Winners of the I.F. Stone Award of the Overseas Press Club receive a stipend of $2,000. Jones intends to continue his research on the role that Bridgestone Firestone, LLC, plays in Liberia, a country still recovering from a devastating war. As Firestone seeks to resurrect its rubber plantation to fill the world’s need for latex medical supplies, Jones views its impact as a “cautionary tale about the successes and shortcomings of global capitalism.”