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OK, so out of some masochistic need to destroy any will to live I have left, I decided to see what else the Huffington Post has to say about autism and vaccinations. Given the incredibly inaccurate and misleading article penned by Jim Carrey, and knowing that leading antivaxxers David Kirby and RFK Jr. also write for HuffPo, I was expecting to see things I wouldn’t be terribly happy about. But I had no idea.”

Poe was, nevertheless, desperate for something other than magazine writing to fall back on, and in July of 1841 he urged the Tyler Administration to hire him as a cryptographer. ‘Nothing intelligible can be written which, with time, I cannot decipher,’ he boasted. That month, he published an essay on ‘secret writing,’ celebrating the ancient art of writing ‘in such manner as to elude general comprehension.’ Poe liked ciphers because he liked to send messages that readers lacking his particular genius could not decode. When he published a cryptogram that he had devised, he was astonished that even a single reader wrote in with the solution. ‘From among at least 100,000 readers,’ Poe replied to him, ‘you and I are the only persons who have succeeded.'”

The ‘smart labels’ incorporated RFID tags which transmitted at the standard frequency of 13.56 MHz. These were not just antennas (which are commonly printed) but active devices as well (which are ordinarily contained in a silicon chip that is attached to the printed antenna). Completely printed RFID tags can potentially be produced at a fraction of the cost of silicon-based tags with printed antennas.”

Imagine every page of every book individually competing with every page of every other book that has ever been written, each of them commented on and indexed and ranked. The unity of the book will disperse into a multitude of pages and paragraphs vying for Google’s attention. In this world, citation will become as powerful a sales engine as promotion is today.”