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Collect the Torture Team


Just in time for Labor Day, the Center for Constitutional Rights has introduced a novel way to keep track of the criminal investigation into Bush Administration torturers: Torture Team trading cards.

While most people know the names of the principal players on the “Torture Team”—Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and Rice—there are many more members of the team who must be investigated and prosecuted. We’ve created 20 “Torture Team” trading cards (“collect and prosecute them all!”) and a matching website to push the attorney general to allow the Special Prosecutor to investigate as far up the chain of command as the evidence leads. It was thanks to your help that we saw the appointment of a Special Prosecutor this week at all. A year ago, they said it would never happen, but we persevered because we knew it was the only way to make sure we never went down this dark path again.

All of us have been calling for accountability for those at all levels of government who developed, provided (il)legal cover for, and participated in the torture program. The 2004 report re-released this week by the CIA’s Inspector General’s office and the rest of the documents that came out on Monday, while still redacted, paint a chilling picture of the illegal acts committed by agency interrogators. The “Torture Team” – the former government officials, lawyers and military leadership – who are really responsible shouldn’t enjoy impunity while a few low-level operatives take the fall.

CCR has partnered with CREDO Mobile to distribute the cards, which can also be viewed and ordered by visiting a special website. Collect and prosecute them all.

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