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Number of different forms of torture the Syrian government is suspected of having used during the country’s civil war

: 72

Amount the Pentagon spent training and arming Syrian rebels before “pausing” its efforts in October

Percentage of Syrian asylum seekers in Germany who have been granted refugee status

Portion of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Iraq and Syria under the control of the Islamic State

Rank of Syria among the world’s largest sources of refugees last year

Portion of Syrians seeking asylum since 2011 who have been hosted by Turkey

: 2/5

Percentage of lights in Aleppo that have been extinguished since the beginning of the Syrian civil war

Of Syrian children

Minimum number of Syrian adults the Islamic State has recruited since January

Number of infants who died in Syria after receiving improperly mixed measles shots from aid workers

Estimated number of doctors working in and around Aleppo at the beginning of the Syrian conflict in 2011

Percentage of Syrian child refugees who are not attending school

: 68

Average number of daily U.S. airstrikes in Syria since September 23, 2014

: 7

Date on which John Kerry called the crisis in Syria “our Munich moment”

Portion of the Syrian population that will require humanitarian aid by the end of the year

Date on which the email passwords of the Syrian Ministry of Presidential Affairs were hacked and made public

: 2/5/2012

Estimated number of Syrians killed during pro-democracy protests since March

: 1,700

Military budget of [Israel|Israel] in [1960s|1967] expressed as a percentage of the budgets of [Egypt|Egypt], [Iraq|Iraq], [Jordan|Jordan], and [Syria|Syria] combined

: 58

Number of [Dog|dogs] and [Prostitute|whores] of whom [YasirArafat|Yasir Arafat] is the son, according to [Syria|Syria’s] defense minister

: 120,000

Estimated amount [Syria|Syria] spent on arms imports last year

: $250,000,000

Estimated amount [Syria|Syria] will spend on arms imports this year

: $2,500,000,000