[After hours] Travel notes from Harper's readers, By W.E., Mrs. Hulme | Harper's MagazineRobert H., Mrs. Ketchum | Harper's MagazineRoland Ladd, Mrs. Osgood | Harper's MagazinePhilip A. Reavis | Harper's MagazineElizabeth George Foulke | Harper's MagazineDouglas Greenwald | Harper's MagazinePaula M.(Paula Mary) Strain | Harper's MagazineGeorge Doherty Bond | Harper's MagazineMabel Bennett | Harper's MagazinePaul N., Mrs. Ylvisaker | Harper's MagazineRobert E. Treybal | Harper's MagazineDavid Steinman | Harper's MagazineJames T., Jr. Seaver | Harper's MagazineHenry Julian Abraham | Harper's MagazineJane McConnell | Harper's MagazineCarleton B. Chapman | Harper's MagazineEthel Perin | Harper's MagazineE.M., Mrs. Grabbe | Harper's MagazineEdgar B., Mrs. Lehman | Harper's MagazineHermine I. Popper | Harper's Magazine

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