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August 1994 Issue [Readings]

Going too far in New Delhi


From Unparliamentary Expressions, a compilation of unacceptable words and phrases that has been used in Indian legislative proceedings. The list, which includes both English and Hindi terms, is kept by the secretariat of the Lok Sabha, the lower chamber of India’s parliament.

A disgusting person
A first-class fool
Behaving like members of the Chinese parliament
Bootlickers of the British
CIA man
Dealers in disabled cattle
Do not behave like a veterinary doctor
Flaunt it in the face of your godfather Nixon
Fountainhead of corruption
Gutter inspector
Has no gender
He is talking silly things
I have come to the conclusion that insanity is not a disqualification for this house
Is this a fish market?
Lampposts (when used for other members)
Rapscallion, as twisted in his mind as he is twisted in his body
Speaking under the influence of ganja and opium
The biggest black marketer east of Suez
The governor’s speech this time is something like a young girl roaming in a heavy winter wearing only a nylon blouse
There should be a public inquiry into the mental attitude of the honorable member
This person who is masquerading as a minister has lost his head
Weeping dog
You are unfit to be a member of parliament
You will be pissing in your pants