Melts Down in Your Mouth, by Harper’s Staff

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September 1998 Issue [Readings]

Melts Down in Your Mouth


From two press releases issued this summer, the first by the Alliance far Survival, an antinuclear organization in Santa Monica, California, and the second by Nestle USA.

A “Nuclear Chocolate” meltdown will be held at the Alliance for Survival’s Santa Monica office on Thursday, July 9, to support the boycott of Nestle, the manufacturer of the “Nuclear Chocolate” candy bar that is being sold as a promotion for the film Armageddon. Antinuclear activists who feel the Nuclear Chocolate candy bar desensitizes children and adults to real nuclear dangers will conduct the meltdown in our office kitchen and will use the melted candy to create a chocolate-worded
message to Nestle reading, “NO NUCLEAR CHOCOLATE!” The melted-chocolate message will then be delivered to Nestle’s Chocolate and Confection Division in Glendale.

Nestle is a food company; we make food and do not take a position on the issue of nuclear arms. Nuclear Chocolate is a promotional product. The word “nuclear” is used in a fun, “cool” manner. It is a common synonym among today’s youth for words like “electric” and “awesome.” The product is simply a chocolate bar and is intended to deliver fun and excitement to those who eat it.

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