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December 2000 Issue [Readings]

For Your Misinformation


From an August 14 anonymous memo marked “TOP SECRET: FOR AFRICAN EARS ONLY” and addressed to all African health ministers. The memo and accompanying excerpts from Behold a Pale Horse, by William Cooper, were subsequently circulated, without comment, by South African health minister Manto Tshabalala-Msimang to local officials throughout the country. In the excerpt, Cooper claims that, faced with the knowledge that “by or shortly after the year 2000 the total collapse of civilization as we know it and the possible extinction of the human race could occur,” the “ruling elite” set out to suppress the world’s population growth and introduced AIDS to Africa in 1977 via the smallpox vaccine.

CONFIDENTIAL This is in reference to the attached fourteen pages of apparently true facts from William Cooper’s book Behold a Pale Horse. You must read this as a heads-up to inform the action you take in your country. Based on this reading:

• Be advised that the AIDS virus could definitely be in any vaccine that has been donated and/or bought by your country. Test all vaccines bought outside Africa to ensure that no AIDS virus was planted in the vaccines that you are giving to the good people of your country.

• We recommend that you immediately set up a secure area for testing of all new HIV/AIDS solutions. This should include the use of locked facilities, fences, barbed wire, and locked file cabinets. This will prevent any “outsider” from knowing what you are doing. Silent espionage and silent sabotage could be going on in your country.

• We recommend the immediate establishment of a confidential system of correspondences between African ministers

FOR AFRICAN EARS ONLY AND ABSOLUTELY NO ONE ELSE. Protect your continent now. Read the attached and be aware of the SILENT SLOW UNACCOUNTABLE DEATH OF AFRICA AND THE BLACK RACE. After reading, you might be able to figure out why Africa has the majority of AIDS cases in the world.


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December 2000

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