Readings — From the September 2004 issue

If You Build It . . .

Fans of the performing arts can see comedian Rob Delaney recite from this Reading on his YouTube channel.

The following phrases were culled by Sam Frank from scouting reports of the first fifty rounds of the 2004 Major League Baseball First-Year Player Draft.

Physical specimen. Body maxed. Raw-boned physique. Chiseled. Supple. Avid w/ weights. Weight-room strong. Low body-fat. Developed upper half tapers to a defined waist; tapers to long, strong legs. Thin ankles. Large calves. Muscular thighs. Long extremities. Big forearms. Soft hands. Long fingers. High hands. High-waisted. High pockets. High rear. Baby-faced. Country-boy build. Good-looking athlete.

Tall, lean, greyhoundlike body. Race-horse type body. Durable workhorse. Physically a horse. A horse. Strong as an ox. Strong like a bull. Bulldog. Bulldog competitor. Bulldog type. Good muscle development, bulldog look. A man, physically.

Can hit ’em high & far. Nervous bat. Fervent in hit approach. Slight toilet-seat hitting approach. Feel for wood. Good trigger. One-hand finish. Does it easy. Clean as a whistle. Uses hands to hit. Hands catch the ball. Knows he can catch & throw. A gun for an arm. Blessed cannon arm. Arm works good.

A gamer. Intense gamer. Plays games hard. Plays game right. Knows how to play the game. Knows how to win. Shows up to play. Comes to work every day. Blue-collar type. Goes about business well. Work ethic that won’t quit. No quit in him. Turns up dial when he has to.

Guy you want on your team. Outstanding person. Good kid. Just waiting to be molded. Very serviceable. Leaves it all on the field. Hustler. Hustles.

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