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From a comment posted on the website in March by the “digital outreach team” of the U.S. State Department’s Bureau of International Information Programs. The team, which consists of two Arabic-language analysts and a foreign-services officer, regularly posts comments on Arabic websites that are considered official statements by the State Department. 

When I was in college, an English literature professor assigned Robert Frost’s poem “The Road Not Taken.” The point of this poem is that discovering new paths is useful because well-traveled trails will lead to the same old place. Although it was written in a different era, the wisdom of that message endures. Our Palestinian brothers can benefit from the lesson we have learned from Frost. After decades, the Palestinians’ armed struggle has not improved living conditions for Palestinians, nor has it brought about a Palestinian state. This invites us to take another look at Frost’s poem and to realize that taking the same path leads to the same situation (more suffering for the Palestinian people). Frost suggests we look at the other option, the unfamiliar option, the new option, the one that scares us, the one we avoid thinking of, the option of politics and democracy. Frost’s message stands true, prompting Palestinians to forge ahead on the path of a two-state solution that will bring a comprehensive and just finality.

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July 2007

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