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From a list of “assertions and implications” attributed to columnist Mark Steyn in “Maclean’s Magazine: A Case Study of Media-Propagated Islamophobia” by the Canadian Islamic Congress. The group has filed a human-rights complaint against Maclean’s. Steyn is the author of America Alone, which was excerpted by Maclean’s in 2006.

Muslims are “sheep-shaggers.”
The number of Muslims in Europe is expanding like “mosquitoes.”
Muslims living in the West are incapable of being loyal citizens of Western societies.
In a few years, Europe will be “semi-Islamified,” living under shari’ah law.
European Muslims are the “new owners” of European society and are behaving like “tenants with a right-to-buy agreement.”
Muslims have a collective agenda of taking over the world, including the West.
Muslims will inevitably take over Europe; the only issue left to be determined is how “bloody” the transfer of power in Europe, to Muslims from non-Muslims, will be.
Belgium no longer belongs to the Belgians: it has already been taken over by Muslims.
Japan will inevitably be taken over by Muslims.
America will be an Islamic republic by 2040.
The Muslim takeover of America will occur in a violent way, through a nuclear attack on the United States. A copy of the Koran that will survive the nuclear attack will be placed in a War Museum that will be built by the Muslims. This Muslim takeover will be like Hitler and the Third Reich’s takeovers in Europe; Jews will be accused of various false conspiracies and will be massacred by the Muslims.
The United States will split into different countries and states. Much of the country will be destroyed; there will be a Christian state; there will be a Muslim state filled with ideas of jihad; and Jews and other minorities will have to be smuggled into Canada to escape from the Muslims, who will be out to eliminate them.
There will be an oppressive religious police enforcing Islamic norms on the population, such important American icons as the USS Ronald Reagan will be renamed after Osama bin Laden, no females will be allowed to be cheerleaders, and popular radio and television talk-show hosts will have been replaced by imams.
There will be a break for prayers during the Super Bowl, the stadium will have a stereotypical Muslim name, and the fans will be forced to watch the game in a Muslim prayer posture.
The star player on the Los Angeles Lakers will be a Muslim. A popular American actress, while accepting an Academy Award on national television, will announce her conversion to Islam and her marriage to the Muslim Lakers star.
Her conversion will inspire tens of millions of Americans to do the same, furthering the Muslim takeover.
Americans are not being as vigorous in the process of kicking “Islamobutt” as they should.
Muslims’ attempts to promote an understanding of their culture and history are actually motivated by a superiority complex and a desire to portray non-Muslim Westerners as inferior, inadequate, stupid, and dim-witted.
Muslims rallying against Islamophobic publications are really attempting to persecute writers for no good reason.
Muslims routinely launch meritless lawsuits against writers.

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March 2008

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