I Wasn’t Resisting, by Harper’s Staff
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From an audio recording of the February 14 arrest of Gerald Amidon. Boise, Idaho, police officers Cory Bammert, Deidra Harr, and Guy McKean were dispatched to the home of Amidon’s girlfriend, Laura Bryson, after complaints of a fight inside her house. In July, Amidon sued the Boise Police Department and the arresting officers for employing excessive force.

deidra harr: Get on the ground.
gerald amidon: Oh my God. Hey, I’ll get on the ground.
guy mckean: Get your hands behind your back.
amidon: They already are, sir. Sir, I thought— [Police handcuff Amidon.] Can you let me up, please? My hand—
mckean: If you move again, I’m going to stick this Taser up your ass and pull the trigger. Do you feel that? That’s my Taser up your ass. So don’t move.
amidon: I’m trying not to. I can’t breathe.
harr: Stop moving!
amidon: [Screams as McKean tases him.] Okay, sir. Pick me up.
mckean: Do you want another Taser deployment on you?
amidon: No, sir. I can’t breathe. Stop, stop, sir. Just let me up. I just want to breathe.
cory bammert: If you’re talking, then you’re breathing.
amidon: [Screams] Stop! I’m trying to be good.
mckean: If you move again, I will deploy this Taser.
amidon: I’ll be good. Can I get up? Sir, I can’t breathe. [Grunts]
mckean: Now, do you feel this in your balls?
amidon: I do, sir. I’m not gonna move.
mckean: I’m going to tase your balls if you move again. Will you cooperate with us?
amidon: I am! I just can’t breathe.
mckean: Okay, I’m going to take this Taser out of your asshole now. Are you going to fight?
amidon: No, not at all, sir.
mckean: [Speaking into radio] So far, for the last two minutes, he’s been cooperative. But then, my Taser’s in his ass.
harr: Hey, I’m going to sit you up. This is what happens when you resist.
amidon: I wasn’t resisting.
bammert: [Speaking into radio] I’m not sure who the med units are here for. Is it for his nuts?

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