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From a list of 178 private-sector jobs legalized by the Cuban government following the layoff of half a million state workers in September. Translated from the Spanish by Wes Enzinna.

Animal trainer
Button sewer
CD vendor
Cleaner and inspector of lightbulbs
Costume repairer
Documentary-film translator
Driver of animal-drawn taxis for children
Exhibitor of show dogs
Eyeglass repairer
Fish farmer
Horseshoe maker
Installer of antennas
Knife sharpener
Maker of piñatas and other articles for birthday parties
Maker of plaster figures
Master of ceremonies
Oxcart driver
Pet breeder
Professor of music
Professor of typing
Public-bathroom attendant
Repairer of car batteries
Repairer of minor possessions
Repairer of wicker
Restorer of dolls
Seller of religious articles, except those with patriotic value
Seller of yokes, harnesses, and ropes
Sports instructor (except martial arts)
Tarot-card reader
Tour guide in a colonial-style taxi
Tuner of musical instruments
Umbrella repairer
Used-book seller
Vendor of artificial flowers
Vendor of brooms, brushes, and similar items
Wheelbarrow pusher

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