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From a log of redacted emails included in the release of Sarah Palin’s correspondence from her time as governor of Alaska. The records were made public in June, three years after journalists began requesting them under Alaska’s Freedom of Information Act.

Re: Meetings with oil-company executives
Re: Child custody issue
Re: Children, dinner, and prayer
Re: Aerial wolf hunting
Re: Thinking out loud (on personnel and speechwriting)
Re: Rationale for method of notifying others about action on Gravina Bridge
Re: Relationship w. Sen. Stevens
Re: Letter from vice president
Re: Request for governor to intervene with daughter
Re: Meeting with ConocoPhillips
Re: Sled-dog race/party audit
Re: State seal, Constitution’s preamble, and state song
Re: Recommendation about potential listing of polar bear as endangered species
Re: Predator control program
Re: Miss America
Re: Tribal banishment
Re: Pt. Hope caribou waste investigation
Re: Possible conflict of interests

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September 2011

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