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From comments on the Facebook page of the Jefferson County, Alabama, sheriff’s office, posted last January in response to a photo of Dustin McCombs, who was wanted on charges of rape. Each week, the sheriff’s office posts a photograph of a wanted suspect under the title “Creep of the Week.” McCombs was apprehended in Ohio shortly after his picture was posted.

brittany reed: wow I KNOW HIM! from school at Jordan!

amanda hollis: this guy is a jerk but I would have never thought he would have done this

jefferson county sheriff’s office (jcso): Folks please understand that he has not been found guilty of anything. He is wanted on that charge. Until he is PROVEN guilty he is presumed innocent.

katie driskell: This is complete crap. Anyone who knows Dusty knows he would never ever ever ever hurt anyone this way.

dustin mccombs: good thing i moved out of state

jcso: Doesn’t matter where you moved the warrant calls for nationwide extradition. You will be brought back to Alabama to stand trial. Please turn yourself in. It will be easier on you and your family.

mccombs: haha for an unfair trial, that yall claim to be a fair trial, i will do that as soon as i retain myself a lawyer so you guys just hold your horses, can i turn myself in to st clair county, i hear its nicer over there

jcso: Dustin, that is a very good idea. I think you should retain yourself a lawyer and follow his advice. The warrant we have came from Shelby County, you can turn yourself in there.

jen mccombs: Dusty, I think this is not the place to hash all of this out. Everything you say is public record and can be used against you. These are very serious charges true or not. You need to do the right thing, hire an attorney, and get it taken care of. Running from it will do nothing but cause you harm little brother. I do disagree with using the term creep of the week how degrading and honestly what happened to innocent until proven guilty?

michael spinks: LOL Child Sex Offenders get more privacy then this guy, wow, fail in the law system here.

mccombs: my intentions once i retain a lawyer is to surrender. want to have everything lined up so i will actually have a chance at a fair trial. and i believe it just may be considered defamation of character, you know the whole “creep of the week” title

ashley hays: This is better than an episode of cops!

mccombs: lol well i figure i might as well use the computer all i can now, i dont think they let you bring a laptop inside jail.

joshua bruce: Dustin, be a man and face the courts. By running it seems you are guilty. If you’re innocent you wouldn’t be on facebook

mccombs: ooh because im on facebook makes me a rapist, well in that case theres like 3 million rapists here in america, including you

josh johnston: I vote for a trial via Facebook. The jury can deliberate on Skype.

mccombs: im just going to clarify, i have never raped, or ever plan on raping anyone, ever. its all a huge misunderstanding

blake hughley: who did u rape dirty-d? (thats dustins nickname that I just gave him)

freedirty dee: Dustin the support has arrived!! Taking suggestions of how to raise the bail money!!

driskell: RAPE TRIALS ARE BASED ON HEARSAY! There is no evidence, but there is evidence that he did not do it and the lawyer has got it. =) Just to let you know, he is turning himself in once the lawyer gets everything ready. =)

jcso: Katie, that is great news. So, is there any chance you will turn yourself in on outstanding warrants?

driskell: I don’t have warrants . . . haha. I have never done anything wrong to have a warrant.

jcso: Yes Katie you have two warrants under your full name and date of birth.

driskell: For what? I just checked it at the courthouse Friday.

jcso: Not sure who you spoke to at the courthouse but, you have two outstanding warrants. Email if you would like the specifics.

robert burgerking: is this thread also where we can ask questions to the man and get answers and stuff? cuz i have a friend who sells the sticky icky and wuz thinkin what is the most he can get caught wit and not go to jail?

curtis stephens: this is fake right?

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