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Number of the 400 wealthiest Americans who count as small-business owners under House Republicans’ definition : 237

Percentage of the Bush tax cuts made permanent by the “fiscal cliff” compromise : 82

Portion of American households that will have a higher tax rate in 2013 as a result of the deal : 3/4

Percentage of likely voters who identified themselves as Tea Party members in 2010 : 24

In 2012 : 8

Portion of its annual budget that the state of Texas gives back in tax incentives to corporations : 1/2

Amount the National Rifle Association’s Victory Fund spent on the 2012 election : $11,159,493

Percentage of that spending that went to support winning candidates : 0.44

Estimated portion of the world’s privately held guns that are owned by Americans : 1/2

Number of U.S. children under the age of thirteen killed by firearms between 2006 and 2011 : 680

Portion of Americans infected with HIV each year who are under the age of twenty-five : 1/4

Projected minimum percentage increase by 2050 in the number of children worldwide with type 2 diabetes : 49

Estimated number of people who died because of high cholesterol in 2010 : 2,000,000

Because of air pollution : 3,200,000

Projected year by which annual firearm fatalities will surpass motor-vehicle fatalities in the United States : 2015

Chance that a U.S. driver admits to having fallen asleep at the wheel in the past thirty days : 1 in 20

Value of supermarket gift cards the City of Los Angeles gave out as part of a one-day gun buyback in December : $155,375

Date of a state supreme court decision that requires the University of Colorado to allow guns on campus : 3/5/2012

Number of students there who have elected to live in dorms designated for those with concealed-weapon permits : 0

Percentage increase since 1982 in the portion of U.S. college students with a “problematic” level of narcissism : 60

Percentage of Americans under the age of thirty who can identify Roe v. Wade as a decision about abortion : 44

Weeks after conception that a proposed Michigan law would allow a fetus to be claimed as a dependent on tax forms : 12

Number of India’s state legislators charged with “crimes against women” : 42

Cost of removing a profile from Potential Prostitutes, a user-sourced photographic database of suspected “offenders” : $99.95

Cost of a four-hour session at a London “cuddle workshop” : $46

Weight in pounds of ram penises shipped to China from an Icelandic slaughterhouse after an October trade agreement : 4,000

Minimum portion of chemical food additives approved by the FDA that the agency has never tested : 3/10

Portion of antimalarial drugs privately sold in sub-Saharan Africa that are fraudulently manufactured : 1/5

Change in years in the life expectancy of a female in sub-Saharan Africa since 1970 : –0.95

Of a female in the Middle East : +16.9

Percentage of people killed by U.S. drone strikes in Pakistan in 2012 who were Taliban or Al Qaeda leaders : 2

Rank of Saudi Arabia among nations with the most viewers per capita of YouTube : 1

Portion of the world’s countries in which Christians face religious harassment : 2/3

Percentage of ongoing deportations dismissed following Obama’s promise to “use discretion” in immigration prosecutions : 4.8

Percentage change in the amount of money awarded to winners of the Nobel Peace Prize since 2011 : –20

Portion of U.S. law-school graduates from the past twenty-five years not working as lawyers : 1/3

Chance a prisoner seeking a commutation of sentence under President Clinton received one : 1 in 90

Under George W. Bush : 1 in 780

Under Barack Obama : 1 in 6,631

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