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From an October 9, 2012, email sent by Lucy Bird, then chief executive of Marketing Edinburgh, to city councillors Sue Brice and Alastair Maclean, during the development of an ad campaign to promote the city. Bird resigned in December because of the poor public reception of one proposed campaign slogan, “Incredinburgh.”

Dear Sue and Alastair:

The compromise position we agreed to at our meeting on September 28 has, as most compromise positions do, left us with challenges. We agreed that “goahedinburgh” was likely to be the best possible compromise. I’d not seek to change that position had our further research not uncovered:

— If you google “goahedinburgh” (without an “a”), you are returned a lot of cheap flights from Edinburgh to Goa.

— If you google “goaheadinburgh” (with an “a”), you get “goth edinburgh” or “go ape edinburgh.”

Our best solution would be to use “winterinedinburgh” and #edinburgh. These enable us to follow the lines of the TV and radio advertising, which for winter sign off with “So goahedinburgh. Spend winter in Edinburgh.”

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