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From focus-group comments on the redesigned Canadian five-dollar bill, which depicts an astronaut floating beside Canadarm2, a robotic arm invented in Canada and used on the International Space Station. The new note was unveiled on April 30 and will begin circulating in November.

I love it. It’s our arm!

It shows Canadian brainpower.

Is the astronaut giving us a high five?

I’m tired of hearing about Canadarm. It’s our one and only contribution to the space program.

Putting this on the $5 suggests that we care five dollars’ worth for the space program.

It’s got a bit of a Transformers feel — cartoony.

Canadarm looks somehow like it’s falling apart.

I like that Canada is mentioned on the arm and on the astronaut.

A little blurb on space achievement could give us more pride. If we can place a Canadian flag on the helmet of the astronaut, I think it would be even more patriotic.

What if it malfunctions?