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From comments included in a petition addressed to the artist Kenneth Goldsmith, the website UbuWeb, and LABOR gallery in Mexico City, who in May jointly issued a call for volunteers to “participate in the first-ever attempt to print out the entire Internet” for an exhibition scheduled to run this month.

Please don’t print the Internet.

The concept is not only impossible to execute, but any attempt to execute it does more real, material harm than intellectual or aesthetic good. There just has to be a better way.

This is just a waste of paper.

I seriously think that there is no way all of the pages of Internet can be exposed in a small place like that.

Paper should be used for books and magazines.

This is madness! Paint or make a sculpture, or write poems, but this is disgusting!

Transcribe the Internet instead of printing it. It’s better both environmentally and conceptually.

I don’t want my future children to live in a world with no trees but with the printed-out Internet.