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[Harper’s Index]

Harper’s Index


Number of refugees and internally displaced people in the world last year : 45,200,000

Last year in which there were as many : 1994

Number of hours Chinese workers held the head of a U.S. company hostage in June during a labor dispute : 162

Amount the company paid to secure his release : $300,000

Percentage of all luxury-goods consumers in 1995 who were Chinese : 2

Who are today : 25

Percentage of all private U.S. assets owned by white or Asian Americans : 99

Percentage of black and white Americans, respectively, who use marijuana : 14, 12

Factor by which a black American is more likely than a white American to be arrested for marijuana possession : 3.7

Number of CIA officers who have been embedded with the New York City Police Department since 2002 : 4

Number of “limitations” placed on those officers’ actions, according to the testimony of one : 0

Minimum number of mosques the NYPD has targeted in a clandestine surveillance program : 250

Number of terrorism leads the program has generated in six years : 0

Cost of fifty pork-coated 9mm rounds designed by an Idaho company as a “natural deterrent” to radical Islam : $24.75

Percentage of Americans who support using drones to enforce speed limits : 23

Tons of military equipment the United States has destroyed in anticipation of its withdrawal from Afghanistan : 85,300

Year by which the majority of Americans are expected to choose cremation over burial : 2017

Percentage of U.S. military sexual assaults in which the victim is male : 53

Amount of the signing bonus the U.S. Army is offering psychiatrists willing to serve for four years : $272,000

Minimum number of prescriptions paid for by Medicare in 2009 written by people not allowed to prescribe drugs : 417,000

Number that were written by a single Florida dietitian : 2,600

Factor by which a U.S. teenage boy is more likely to vomit or use laxatives to control his weight if he lives in L.A. : 2

Estimated number of high school students prosecuted each year for truancy by the state of Texas : 118,000

By the other forty-nine states combined : 52,000

Percentage of U.S. lesbians, gays, and bisexuals who are out to their mothers : 56

To their fathers : 39

Inflation-adjusted amount by which tuition and fees at the average public research university have increased since 1988 : $18,500

Percentage of that increase attributable to administrative costs : 40

Percentage change since 1996 in the number of U.S. children living in poverty : +12

In the number receiving cash aid from the U.S. government : –60

Portion of U.S. public-school students who are Latino : 1/4

Portion of U.S. children’s books published annually that are by or about Latinos : 1/50

Estimated number of immigrants deported since July 2010 whose children are native-born U.S. citizens : 200,000

Chance that a U.S. firearms dealer depends on trafficking to Mexico for its economic existence : 1 in 2

Factor by which Mexican economic growth has outpaced U.S. growth since 2008 : 2

Portion of Britons born before 1944 who consider the welfare state “one of Britain’s proudest achievements” : 3/4

Of Britons born after 1979 who do : 1/4

Number of European nations among the twenty most populous in the world in 1950 : 7

Today : 1

Ratio of bicycles to people in Amsterdam : 1:1

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