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From titles to 160 romance novels by Barbara Cartland. Unpublished at the time of her death, in 2000, they are currently being released on BarbaraCartland.com as the The Pink Collection. During her lifetime, Cartland published 723 books, which sold an estimated 750 million copies and were translated into more than 30 languages.

She Wanted Love
They Looked for Love
They Sought Love
Their Search for Real Love
In Search of Love
Seeking Love
Hiding From Love
Hide and Seek for Love
An Unexpected Love
A Teacher of Love
Learning to Love
Sailing to Love
Love at the Tower
The Trail to Love
Highway to Love
Journey to Love
A Steeplechase for Love
Love Finds the Way
Love Became Theirs
Love Danced In
Love Drives In
Love Strikes
Love Saves the Day
They Found Love
Joined by Love
Rescued by Love
Ruled by Love
A Royal Love Match
The Prince Who Wanted Love
Royalty Defeated by Love
A Fairyland of Love
The Richness of Love
The Wonder of Love
The Heart of Love
The Cross of Love
The Castle of Love
The Ship of Love
The Tree of Love
The Waters of Love
Love by the Lake
The Star of Love
The Mountain of Love
The Key of Love
The Triumph of Love
The Importance of Love
The Revelation Is Love
The Weapon Is Love
A Winning Post Is Love
It Is Love
Love At Last
Love Is the Reason for Living
Love Solves the Problem
Love Is Triumphant
Love Conquers War
Music Is the Soul of Love
Love Came from Heaven
Love Wins in Berlin
Love in the East
From the Dangers of Russia to Love
Lovers in London
Love in the Highlands
For the Love of Scotland
Love and the Clans
Love and the Gods
Love and Apollo
A Prayer for Love
Pray for Love
Cry for Love
A Call of Love
One Minute to Love
Secret Love
Rivals for Love
Love’s Dream in Peril
Change Places with Love
Money or Love
A Strange Way to Love