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Archie Enemy


From a complaint filed last September as part of a $32.5 million gender discrimination lawsuit against Archie Comics co-CEO Nancy Silberkleit. Six employees allege that for more than a decade Silberkleit harassed them and other male staff at the comic-book publishing house.

Archie Comics, through its main characters, Archie Andrews and Betty Cooper, demonstrates a positive relationship, where both are well-intentioned and care deeply for the well-being of others, always ready to help with their problems. The many other characters in Archie Comics present themselves in positive and negative aspects involving all parts of life. Despite this wonderful comic background, there is nothing comical about Defendant. In fact, Defendant has brought sadness not only to those working there but even to visitors to Archie Comics. For example, a young and very sick girl from the Ronald McDonald House, whose hair was falling out, asked for — and was given — a Betty wig by Plaintiffs. When Defendant learned of this generous and kindhearted act, she became enraged and tragically accused this girl of “stealing Betty’s wig.”

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