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By Jon Cotner, from issue 5 of Gigantic magazine. Cotner is an artist and poet who teaches at Pratt Institute, in Brooklyn. The following lines are spoken by participants in his Spontaneous Society walks.

“That’s a good-looking dog.”
(said to someone with one dog)

“That’s a good-looking duo.”
(said to someone with two dogs)

“That’s a good-looking wolfpack.”
(said to someone with three or more dogs)

“That dog has a pretty smile.”
(said to someone with a smiling dog)

“That looks pretty cozy.”
(said to someone pushing a baby carriage)

“It must be nice to have a little helper.”
(said to someone with a helpful kid)

“It’s a good day for a ride.”
(said to someone biking past)

“It’s a good day for a skate.”
(said to someone skating past)

“That’s a cool scooter.”
(said to someone scooting past)

“That’s a good pace.”
(said to someone jogging past)

“That’s a good parking spot.”
(said to someone exiting a car)

“It’s a nice day to have the feet out.”
(said to someone wearing sandals)

“It’s a nice day for a picnic.”
(said to someone eating a snack)

“They say carrying bags is good exercise.”
(said to someone carrying bags)

“That looks like a handy cart.”
(said to someone pushing a handcart)

“I hope the pizza pie stays warm.”
(said to someone holding a pizza box)

“That’s a nice way to cool off.”
(said to someone holding a cold drink)

“It’s a good day for hot joe.”
(said to someone sipping coffee)

“That smells like the good stuff.”
(said to someone smoking a cigarette)

“That’s a good spot for a text.”
(said to someone typing a message)

“I hope your bus comes soon.”
(said to someone at a bus stop)

“USPS is in the house.”
(said to a mailperson)

“UPS is in the house.”
(said to a UPS worker)

“FedEx is in the house.”
(said to a FedEx worker)

“Safe travels.”
(said to someone with a suitcase)

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February 2014

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