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From a report by the inspector general of the Air Force concerning allegations against Major General Michael J. Carey of professional misconduct during a trip to Russia last July. In October, Carey was relieved of his duties as commander of the U.S. land-based nuclear-missile force.

Maj. Gen. Carey began the trip to Moscow by driving to Denver and taking a flight to Dulles Airport. During the layover at Zurich, Carey appeared drunk and talked loudly about the importance of his position as commander of the only operational nuclear force in the world.

Approximately nine toasts during the banquet. Maj. Gen. Carey made comments regarding Syria and Edward Snowden that were not well-received. Announced he had met two hot women the night before.

Ms. [redacted]: “Carey was slurring, interrupting the tour guide. At one point he tried to give her a fist bump. She had no idea what he was trying to do.” [Gave a visual rendition of the fist bump with a significant pause and awkward facial expressions representative of the tour guide’s expression.]

Lt. Col. [redacted]: “She just kind of gave him that look. And then he just drifted off with a different tour group.”

After the group finished walking around Red Square, they went to La Cantina for dinner. Mr. [redacted] stated that “the General really wanted to see this Beatles cover band.” While at La Cantina, Carey kept trying to get the band to let him play with them. Mr. [redacted]: “It went from ‘Oh, this is kind of a cool thing that this random American wants to play with us’ to ‘All right, you know, kind of, we told you no, guy.’ ”

Lt. Col. [redacted]: “Gen. Carey was trying to make a point that you have dead spots in your radios because that’s a common problem. So he went to the translator and asked, ‘Can you hear me now?’ And the translator said, ‘Yes sir, I hear you.’ ‘Can you hear me now?’ ‘Sir, I hear you.’ ‘Can you hear me now?’ ‘Sir, I hear you. I don’t get what you are saying.’ And the Russians were looking at him like, ‘Are you crazy? Why do you keep asking your translator the same question over and over?’ ”

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March 2014

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