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From emails to the U.S. distributors of Breast Milk Baby, a doll made by the Spanish toy company Berjuan. The doll comes with a special halter top for children, featuring two flowers positioned in the area of the wearer’s nipples; when the doll’s mouth touches one of the flowers, the doll makes sucking sounds.

I think what you are doing is revolting. That little girl is going to love the idea of being a big girl so much that she is going to want to have a baby of her own. I think that you will eventually be responsible for so many more teenage pregnancies.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for selling this doll! I just purchased one for my two-and-a-half-year-old little girl, who is herself still nursing.

What next? Tampons for babies?

Why is there not ONE boy on your webpage?

I just wish more people would accept breast-feeding and the doll. When I am out in public I just go about my business and if my daughter wants na-nas she gets them. I must say I do not like the uncomfortable stares.

I am a trained breast-feeding counselor with two young daughters. I saw this doll advertised, and, as my five-year-old has requested a “real” baby from Santa, I thought this would be the ideal solution, as she only associates milk with breast-feeding and doesn’t understand the bottles that come with standard baby dolls.

You guys are absolutely crazy for developing a doll for a girl to breast-feed. You might as well just make them whores.

This is way too advanced for little girls under thirteen years of age. If one comes into my house, it’s going to be thrown into a wood chipper.

Great job! You guys are right to sell this doll in the States. But I know a lot of people over here think breasts are just for sex!

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June 2014

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