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Percentage change in the past year in the number of Mexicans requesting U.S. asylum : +160

In the number of anti-Hispanic hate crimes in United States : +233

Number of people fatally shot near the Mexican border since 2010 for throwing rocks at U.S. Border Patrol agents : 10

Number of minutes Mexican men and women work each day, respectively : 580, 607

Respective percentage of that work that is unpaid : 19, 62

Percentage change since 2004 in the number of people using Texas’s long-term-care Medicaid programs : +612

Ratio of seriously mentally ill people held in U.S. state prisons and jails to those held in state psychiatric hospitals : 10:1

Percentage change since 2008 in the number of adults aged 26 to 34 taking medication for ADHD : +84

Percentage of e-cigarette nicotine-poisoning cases in Oklahoma this year that have involved children under six : 87

Minimum number of Alabama women charged under a “chemical endangerment” law for taking drugs while pregnant : 100

Portion of British family doctors who are considering early retirement because of increasing workloads : 3/5

Estimated number of doctors working in and around Aleppo at the beginning of the Syrian conflict in 2011 : 5,000

Number working there today : 36

Percentage of Egyptians who say it is necessary to believe in God to be a moral person : 95

Percentage of Americans who do : 53

Of Chinese : 14

Maximum daily compensation a Chinese travel agency offers tourists who sign up for “smog insurance” : $8

Minimum acres of U.S. grassland that have been converted to soy and corn fields since 2006 : 1,300,000

Average portion of the Great Lakes that has iced over during the winter in the past forty years : 1/2

Portion that iced over this winter : 9/10

Minimum number of remains of World War I casualties uncovered in northern Italy since 1990 because of retreating glaciers : 40

Factor by which an Army soldier is more likely than the average American to be diagnosed with intermittent explosive anger : 5

By which a heterosexual U.S. woman is more likely to be killed by her intimate partner if he owns a handgun : 5

Percentage of homicides by white women of black men that are deemed justifiable on the grounds of self-defense : 14

By black women of white men : 3

Portion of inmates held in federal prisons who are nonviolent drug offenders : 1/2

Portion of Republicans who favor raising the federal minimum wage : 1/2

Percentage of Democrats over sixty-five who support same-sex marriage : 62

Of Republicans under thirty who do : 61

Percentage of spending last year by Our Country Deserves Better, the largest U.S. Tea Party PAC, that went to fund-raising : 79

That went to campaign contributions : 0.09

Portion of all online advertising that is never seen by a human being : 1/2

Minimum percentage of ATMs worldwide that operate on Windows XP : 95

Date on which Microsoft stopped providing tech support for the operating system : 04/08/2014

Percentage change in U.S. worker productivity and compensation, respectively, between 1947 and 1973 : +104, +93

Between 1973 and 2013 : +108, +44

Percentage of U.S. CFOs who say they would forgo an attractive investment if it meant missing a quarterly earnings target : 55

Estimated percentage of U.S. female CEOs who are overweight : 10

Of U.S. male CEOs : 65

Figures cited are the latest available as of April 2014.
“Harper’s Index” is a registered trademark.

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