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Chance that a Republican voter has thought about the midterm elections “only a little” : 1 in 3

That a Democratic voter has : 1 in 2

Percentage of midterm campaign advertisements that have mentioned health care : 43

That have mentioned women’s rights : 4

Number of states that have enacted new restrictions on abortion since the last midterm elections : 31

Percentage change since 2004 in the annual number of adoptions by U.S. families : –69

Average cost for a Canadian family to adopt a white U.S. child through the Shepherd Care agency in Florida : $41,000

To adopt a black U.S. child : $32,000

Year by which South Koreans will be “extinct” given current fertility rates, according to government demographers : 2750

Average amount paid on the black market to surrogate mothers in China : $24,000

Percentage by which a Muslim in India is less likely than a Hindu to die in infancy : 19

Percentage of white U.S. Protestants who say they sympathize with Palestinians : 37

Of black U.S. Protestants : 52

Of religiously unaffiliated Americans : 57

Factor by which a member of the general U.S. population is more likely than a U.S. prisoner to self-identify as an atheist : 34

Portion of American police officers who are white : 3/4

Percentage of white Americans who say police do a poor job protecting people from crime : 10

Of black Americans who say so : 33

Estimated number of times SWAT teams were deployed in the United States in 1980 : 3,000

In 2013 : 60,000

Average number of SWAT raids carried out per day in Maryland since 2009 : 4.5

Percentage of Americans who support military intervention against the Islamic State : 62

Who think it’s unlikely to succeed : 68

Estimated number of African and Middle Eastern refugees who have drowned in the Mediterreanean this year : 1,890

Number of teenagers who escaped through a hole in the fence of a Nashville juvenile detention center in September : 32

Number still at large two weeks later : 2

Percentage of U.S. smartphone owners aged 18 to 24 who check their phones immediately after waking up each morning : 74

Percentage increase in requests by world governments for Twitter user data since the beginning of this year : 46

Percentage of all requests that have come from the U.S. government : 61

Portion of U.S. government requests with which Twitter complies : 3/4

Chance a resident of Las Vegas has been reported to a debt-collection agency : 1 in 2

Amount the city of Fairbanks, Alaska, has spent to appeal a $37.50 campaign-violation fine levied against its mayor : $7,000

Estimated number of Puerto Ricans who retire to the mainland United States each year : 5,200

Portion of former NFL players expected to get dementia, according to a report prepared for the league : 3/10

Average percentage change in the rate of painkiller-overdose deaths two years after a state legalizes medical marijuana : –25

Number of arrests made by New York City police officers since 2004 in which the top charge was resisting arrest : 57,644

Total value of unclaimed money in New York State bank accounts : $13,200,000,000

Amount held in the largest currently unclaimed account : $1,700,000

Amount by which Dollar General outbid Dollar Tree in an attempted August takeover of Family Dollar : $700,000,000

Figures cited are the latest available as of September 2014.

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November 2014

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