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Trigger Happy


From requests made to Ilse Blansert, a Dutch artist, by people who experience ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response), a condition characterized by a pleasurable tingling sensation activated by certain sounds or audiovisual phenomena. Blansert posts videos to her YouTube channel to fulfill the requests.

soft humming sounds

whispering in the dark while you push around floating candles in a bowl of water

a caring role-play talk with someone who’s irrationally depressed

reading a book with a plastic cover

cutting construction paper

drawing figures like triangles and coloring them with crayons

regulating an exam, telling students the rules, giving them paper

washing up and cleaning with rubber gloves

hair-washing sounds

minor medical attention (personalize it)

nurse: ear, eye, nose, throat, and heart exam

dentist with scraping sounds

advice about acne

pick something small up with a tweezers and tell facts about it

detective where I interview someone and show some ASMR-triggering evidence

folding letters and putting them in envelopes very slowly

saleswoman cutting fabric and folding ribbons

blind-date request in a restaurant with face massage

scratching on a table with a spoon

describe your favorite Dutch dishes? Possibly as a role play where you’re a waitress describing several menu specials for a customer?

informational video about the Netherlands

whispering Dutch words that start with t in one side of the mic, and translating into English in other side

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