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Number of years in the past decade in which the violent-crime rate in the United States has fallen : 8

In which the majority of Americans have believed that crime is on the rise : 10

Minimum number of times in 2014 that Rikers Island correction officers broke the bones of an inmate : 98

Days of solitary confinement a South Carolina prisoner was assigned in 2012 for threatening a prison employee : 41

Years of solitary confinement he was assigned in 2013 for posting on Facebook : 37

Percentage of last meals requested by male death-row prisoners that include salad or vegetables : 11

Of those requested by female death-row prisoners : 62

Estimated percentage increase in popcorn a person eats when watching a drama rather than a comedy : +42

Portion of Americans who think it is safe to eat genetically modified foods : 2/5

Of U.S. scientists who do : 9/10

Estimated number of genetically modified mosquitoes released since 2012 to combat dengue and chikungunya : 70,000,000

Number of African countries with vaccination rates higher than that of the United States : 16

Estimated number of deaths caused by the Islamic State since January 2014 : 4,000

By Boko Haram : 7,200

Number of countries worldwide in which attacks on schools have occurred in the past five years : 70

Percentage of deaths in the developing world caused by chronic diseases : 64

Percentage of all medical development aid allocated to fighting chronic diseases : 1

Number of the twenty-three health insurance co-ops created under the Affordable Care Act that reported losses last year : 22

Chance that an American would give up at least one week of life to avoid taking a pill every day : 1 in 3

Percentage of U.S. death certificates in which the stated cause of death is overly general or medically impossible : 22

Portion of Americans with combined finances who have lied to their partners about money : 1/3

Average household savings of Americans aged 65 to 69 living with a spouse : $111,600

Living alone : $12,500

Percentage of U.S. evangelical Christians under the age of 40 who supported gay marriage in 2003 : 20

Who do today : 43

Estimated portion of calls to a lesbian-support line in India that are made by men : 1/2

Percentage change in the market value of South Korea’s leading condom maker after the country ended its adultery ban : +15

Pounds of marijuana a New Mexico family discovered in January in a van they bought used thirteen years ago : 13.5

Estimated portion of ivory sold in Los Angeles that is illegal under California law : 9/10

Number of indigenous mammal species that have gone extinct since the European settlement of North America began : 1

Since the European settlement of Australia began : 29

Minimum number of animals that USDA Wildlife Services has killed by mistake since 2000 : 61,381

Number of bird-species names the Swedish Ornithological Society changed in February over concerns about racism : 10

Monthly rent the Austrian government pays on Hitler’s birthplace to prevent it from becoming a pilgrimage site : $5,000

Amount Greece’s ruling Syriza party believes that Germany owes Greece in war reparations : $172,000,000,000

Portion of the current Greek debt this number represents : 1/2

Percentage of European investors who believe that the euro zone will break up within the next year : 38

Advertised daily cost to rent the village of Megyer, Hungary, and to assume the position of deputy mayor : $750

Minimum number of people who have paid to be considered for a one-way trip to Mars planned by a Dutch media company : 2,761

Number the company plans to select for a reality show set on the planet : 4

Figures cited are the latest available as of March 2015.

“Harper’s Index” is a registered trademark.

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