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[Harper’s Index]

Harper’s Index


Percentage change since 2009 in the number of Americans who play football : –17

Who play rugby : +77

Factor by which female college soccer players are more likely than male players to suffer concussions : 2

Portion of part-time faculty at U.S. colleges whose households receive government assistance : 1/4

Percentage of Americans aged 18 to 31 with credit-card and student-loan debt, respectively, in 1989 : 43, 18

Today : 36, 40

Percentage change since 1992 in the portion of jobs in the United States that require no high-school diploma : +1

That require a high-school diploma but no further degree : –12

Portion of high-school dropouts who say they left school to work : 1/4

Portion of those dropouts who earn less than $10,000 per year : 3/5

Percentage of applicants admitted last year to Stanford’s business school, the most selective in the country : 7

To the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad : 0.24

Estimated number of new movie screens that open in China each day : 15

Minimum number of people displaced since 2004 by World Bank projects : 3,350,449

Portion of Syrians seeking asylum since 2011 who have been hosted by Turkey : 2/5

By the United States : 1/7,700

Percentage change since 2000 in the number of black African immigrants living in the United States : +137

Number of U.S. police officers who have been prosecuted in the past decade for shooting someone in the back : 28

Number convicted : 6

Ratio of unincarcerated men to unincarcerated women aged 25 to 54 among white Americans : 1:1

Among black Americans : 0.8:1

Among black residents of Ferguson, Missouri : 0.6:1

Number of the ten most challenged books at U.S. libraries last year whose main characters are non-white or LGBT : 8

Percentage of inmates in California men’s prisons who report being sexually assaulted while incarcerated : 4

Of transgender inmates in such prisons who do : 59

Percentage of water consumed annually by California’s agriculture industry that is used to grow alfalfa to feed livestock : 15

Minimum percentage of human breast milk sold online that contains cow’s milk : 10

Percentage change since 1975 in the portion of U.S. mothers who work outside the home : +51

In the number of hours the average married U.S. mother spends engaged in active child care each week : +88

Minimum percentage change since 2008 in the number of adult Americans prescribed medication for ADHD : +53

Number of previously unknown fly species discovered in Los Angeles in the past year : 30

Average age at which streaming-music listeners have their midlife crisis, according to Spotify : 42

Portion of Americans in 1984 who believed that “most people can be trusted” : 1/2

In 2014 : 1/3

Percentage of Americans with strong party loyalties who say that winning elections is more important than policy change : 41

Amount by which annual lobbying expenditures by U.S. corporations exceed the Congressional budget : $600,000,000

Amount the Secret Service has requested from Congress to build a replica of the White House : $8,000,000

Minimum number of months that George H. W. Bush’s home alarm was broken before the Secret Service fixed it last year : 13

Factor by which the mortality rate among hospital patients on television exceeds the actual rate : 9

Figures cited are the latest available as of May 2015.

“Harper’s Index” is a registered trademark.

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