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Factor by which the average salary in the securities industry exceeded that of other U.S. workers between 1929 and 2008 : 2.3

By which it does today : 3.6

Portion of financial-services workers who say that they must “engage in unethical or illegal activity to be successful” : 1/5

Percentage of black professional U.S. women who aspire to “a powerful position with a prestigious title” : 22

Percentage of white professional women who do : 8

Percentage change since 2002 in the birthrate among unmarried U.S. women aged 35 to 39 : +52

Among unmarried U.S. teenagers : –32

Percentage change in the past four decades in the size of the average American family : –10

In the square footage of the average newly built American home : +60

Percentage change since 1993 in the suicide rate among black U.S. children aged 5 to 11 : +87

Among white U.S. children : –32

Tuition cost of Icon Academy, a four-day summer camp devoted to “teaching teens how to monetize their talents” : $3,000

Percentage change since 2009 in the number of federal prison inmates aged 65 and older : +42

In inmate health-care expenses : +29

Estimated average number of names added to the FBI’s criminal registry each day : 11,000

Number of facial composites created with DNA from litter in Hong Kong for use in a local public-shaming campaign : 27

Estimated number of government officials executed so far this year in North Korea : 15

Estimated percentage change in the past year in the number of beheadings performed in Saudi Arabia : +267

Number of executioner jobs advertised on Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Civil Service website in May : 8

Factor by which polygamous Saudi and Emirati men are more likely than monogamous ones to suffer from heart disease : 4.6

Percentage change since 2003 in the portion of Americans who say that polygamy is “morally acceptable” : +129

Percentage change over the past three decades in the number of U.S. gyms and health clubs : +455

In the U.S. obesity rate : +65

Hours of television watched each day by the average U.S. kindergartner : 3.3

Percentage by which a kindergartner who watches more than an hour a day is more likely to be obese : 73

Last year in which Pope Francis watched television : 1990

Percentage change since last year in the number of minority-produced network television shows : +3

Percentage of this increase attributable to Tyler Perry : 100

Percentage of white and black Americans, respectively, who said in March that race relations were “generally bad” : 35, 58

In May : 62, 65

Rate of homicides of black men in major U.S. urban areas : 52 per 100,000

Of police officers in the same areas : 3 per 100,000

Estimated portion of fatalities following police use of Tasers in which “excited delirium” is cited among the causes of death : 1/5

Number of years since 2000 in which traffic accidents have been the leading cause of U.S. law-enforcement deaths : 12

Percentage of all vehicle miles traveled in the United States that are traveled by motorcycles : 0.68

Percentage of people who die in U.S. road accidents who are motorcyclists : 10

Number of crashes involving Google’s self-driving cars that have occurred since testing began in 2009 : 13

Percentage of those crashes attributable to human-driver error : 100

Average annual number of traffic jams at Yellowstone National Park caused by drivers’ rubbernecking of bears : 840

Figures cited are the latest available as of June 2015.

“Harper’s Index” is a registered trademark.

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