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From entries made since 2009 to the U.S. Protocol Gift Unit Federal Register Report, which records items given by foreign dignitaries to federal employees.

Large crystal table with an image of the American flag, to Barack Obama from Silvio Berlusconi.

Bronze forty-eight-inch-tall statue of Abraham Lincoln, to Barack Obama from China.

Female bare-breasted bust carved into tooth, to Joe Biden from Liberia.

Framed painting of a dodo bird, with sequins and faux gemstones, to Hillary Clinton from Mauritius.

Seventeen-inch-tall Plexiglas sculpture entitled Wrapping Flag Candy USA, depicting an upright Tootsie Roll with an American-flagpatterned wrapper, to Barack and Michelle Obama from France.

Red-, white-, and gold-colored apron; bottle of Sulwhasoo Balancing Water, to Michelle Obama from South Korea.

“Witcher 2” playing cards and five wooden dice in black sack with “Witcher” emblem, to Barack Obama from Poland.

Thirteen-inch bone-shaped chew toy with U.K. flag, to Barack Obama and family from the United Kingdom.

Custom USB stick, to Barack Obama from David Cameron.

Stevie Wonder record; six steak knives; four Christmas mugs, to Barack Obama from Brunei.

Bamboo bicycle, to Barack Obama from the Philippines.

Portrait of Bill Clinton, to Hillary Clinton from Pakistan’s National College of Arts.

Black-and-yellow scarf with portrait of President Obama, to Hillary Clinton from Tanzania.

Twenty white baseball caps with image of President Obama, to Barack Obama from Zanzibar.

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December 2015

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