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Factor by which a U.S. drone strike is more likely than a conventional U.S. air strike to kill civilians : 10

Estimated percentage of people killed in U.S. air strikes in Afghanistan in 2012 who were not intended targets : 84

Number of people killed since 2010 in encounters with U.S. border-patrol agents : 40

Number of agents facing federal charges as a result : 1

Percentage of Republican voters who favor a constitutional amendment ending birthright citizenship : 53

Portion of Turkish citizens who hold a positive view of the European Union : 1/3

Who favor joining : 1/2

Number of applicants for a U.S. refugee program created in 2014 for Central American children : 5,429

Number of children accepted to date : 0

Percentage of U.S. federal prisoners who have a child under the age of 18 : 53

Estimated number of federal prisoners released in November after a change in sentencing guidelines : 6,000

Percentage of the federal-prison population that number represents : 3.8

Chance that a U.S. man stole something as a teenager : 1 in 5

That a U.S. woman did : 1 in 10

Number of U.S. law schools that accepted students with LSAT scores below 147 in 2010 : 8

In 2014 : 45

Number of U.S. state attorneys general who have sued the federal government over new climate regulations : 26

Average approval rating of the regulations in those states : 61

Portion of China’s natural coastline that has disappeared because of development since 1950 : 3/5

Percentage of Chinese men who are now or once were habitual smokers : 68

Of Chinese women : 3

Estimated percentage of women under 30 in Monrovia who have engaged in transactional sex with U.N. workers : 46

Number of practicing psychiatrists in Liberia : 1

In Sierra Leone : 0

Portion of the insurance co-ops created under the Affordable Care Act that will not offer plans this year : 1/2

Amount the White House plans to spend on standing desks over the next five years : $700,000

Percentage change in the stock price of Weight Watchers on the day Oprah bought a 10 percent stake in the company : +105

Estimated amount Oprah made on the stock that day : $70,412,000

Number of chemicals the World Health Organization has evaluated for their carcinogenic potential since 1971 : 985

Number it has found “probably not” carcinogenic : 1

Percentage of major-trauma victims taken to the hospital in basic ambulances who survive after ninety days : 82

Of those taken to the hospital in ambulances with more advanced equipment : 76

Estimated number of emergency-room visits last year attributed to adverse effects of sexual-enhancement supplements : 610

Factor by which a U.S. gun death is more likely to be a suicide than a homicide : 1.8

Estimated number of firearms in the average U.S. gun-owning household in 1994 : 4.5

Today : 8.2

Minimum number of shooting incidents in the United States in the past year in which the shooter was a dog : 2

In which the shooter was a toddler : 50

Estimated number of Safety 1st–brand high chairs recalled in October because of child injuries : 35,000

Figures cited are the latest available as of November 2015.

“Harper’s Index” is a registered trademark.

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