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Harper’s Index


Portion of calls to the IRS help line that went unanswered during last year’s tax-filing season : 3/5

Percentage of middle-aged, college-educated white Americans who are millionaires : 22

Of middle-aged, college-educated black Americans : 6

Amount New York City plans to pay McKinsey & Company to consult on the reform of Rikers Island : $7,530,000

Percentage of registered Democrats who have a favorable view of socialism : 56

Estimated number of American households that do not have bank accounts : 9,600,000

Estimated amount the U.S. Mint could save annually by changing the metallic composition of its coins : $39,000,000

Percentage change in U.S. household debt in the six years leading up to the financial crisis : +96

In the six years after : –3

Rank of the restaurant industry among the largest U.S. employers : 1

Number of states in which the average restaurant worker’s wage is below the federal minimum wage : 21

Estimated number of slaves held by the Islamic State : 3,500

Estimated value of cash destroyed by U.S. air strikes against the Islamic State since last October : $20,000,000

Portion of asylum applicants in Europe who are men : 3/4

Number of Mississippi children in the state’s custody for each home in its foster-care system : 3.5

Percentage of state-funded Irish primary schools that are affiliated with the Catholic Church : 90

Chances that a gynecologist in Italy refuses to perform abortions for religious reasons : 7 in 10

Number of years El Salvador’s health minister has advised women to delay pregnancies because of the Zika virus : 2

Percentage of people in sub-Saharan Africa who slept under mosquito nets in 2000 : 2

Who do today : 55

Year in which the plastic in the world’s oceans is projected to outweigh the fish : 2050

Minimum average number of dams built globally each day over the past sixty years : 1

Portion of Saudi Arabia’s budget that comes from oil revenues : 3/4

Liters of alcohol consumed annually by the average Iranian drinker : 24.8

By the average French drinker : 12.9

Estimated number of South Korean teenagers who attend Internet-addiction-prevention programs each year : 4,000,000

Portion of the Israeli population that is Arab : 1/5

Of workers in Israeli technology companies : 1/33

Percentage of people worldwide who trust print and broadcast news as a source of accurate information : 58

Who trust search engines : 63

Portion of Americans in 1966 who said that they trusted the government most of the time : 2/3

Who say so today : 1/5

Minimum number of Mexican mayors who have been killed by hit men in the past decade : 44

Number of firearms found by U.S. airport-security screeners last year : 2,653

Percentage that were loaded : 83

Number of warrantless searches conducted in France since the attacks in Paris last November : 3,379

Number of surveillance cameras on the International Space Station that are available for private use : 2

Factor by which the brightness of a recent supernova exceeded that of all the stars in the Milky Way : 20

Percentage of Americans who feel a deep sense of wonder about the universe at least once a week : 46

Figures cited are the latest available as of February 2016.

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