Graveyard Shift,
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From work-related fatalities reported to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration since 2014.

Worker died after falling into cement mixer.

Worker died after falling into vat of boiling water and oil.

Worker killed after being pulled through wood-chipping machine.

Worker trimming palm tree killed when tree collapsed.

Worker mowing grass choked on low-lying tree.

Worker inspecting bridge swept away by water and drowned.

Worker fatally engulfed by soybeans.

Worker fatally crushed under 800-pound hay bale.

Worker fatally crushed by log pile.

Worker fatally crushed by falling concrete slab.

Worker fatally crushed by robotic arm.

Worker died after becoming caught in dough mixer.

Worker died after becoming trapped inside walk-in freezer.

Worker asphyxiated when clothing became caught in motor driveshaft of bowling-lane pinsetter.

Worker struck and killed by discharging fire extinguisher.

Worker struck and killed by glass tabletop blown from balcony by high winds.

Worker struck and killed by tape measure that fell from skyscraper.

Worker struck and killed by gondola car that fell from amusement-park ride.

Worker electrocuted while servicing arcade vending machine.

Worker died after contracting flesh-eating bacteria.

Worker killed by bees nesting in air-conditioning unit.

Worker installing home-security system fatally shot.