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From a questionnaire created by Northpointe, a company that develops software to determine the likelihood that a defendant in a criminal trial will break the law in the future. The questionnaire asks the respondent to rate statements on a scale from “strongly agree” to “strongly disagree.” In May, an analysis by ProPublica found that the Northpointe algorithm’s accuracy rate for predicting violent crimes was 20 percent. African-American defendants were wrongly labeled future criminals at twice the rate of white defendants.

I feel unhappy at times.

I feel discouraged at times.

I have never felt sad about things in my life.

I have never intensely disliked anyone.

I always practice what I preach.

I have played sick to get out of something.

I have gotten involved in things I later wished I could have gotten out of.

If someone insults my friends, family, or group, they are asking for trouble.

I have felt very angry at someone or something.

The law doesn’t help average people.

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August 2016

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