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From translations into English of dishes served at 274 restaurants in Seoul, South Korea. The list was compiled by the Korea Tourism Organization and included in a report that suggests standardizing menu language.

Chopped Hot Chicken

More Quantity Grilled Pork

Spicy and Weird Dish

Ugly but Tasty Kimbap

Fried Rice with Drugs

Marine-Products Soup

Rice Ball with Lumpy Bones of Spicy Pork

Iced Vermicelli with Beef and Cold Water

Organic Soybean Aluminous

Hairtail Hard-Boiled

Nutrition Roe Rice

Potato Soup Bone

Dynamic Stew

Forces Stew

Lifestyle Meat

Cooked Grandma Meat

Octopus Formality

Bear Tang

Chicken Asshole House

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November 2016

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