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[Harper’s Index]

Harper’s Index


Percentage of American renters who spend more than half their salary on housing : 28

Percentage change since 1996 in the price of U.S. higher education : +197

Of televisions : –96

Factor by which the annual number of reported bomb threats at U.S. schools has increased since 2011 : 15.6

Number of years by which an average U.S. book reader outlives a nonreader : 2

Rank of the United States among countries with the largest proportion of book readers : 6

Of China : 1

Rank of the United States among countries with the tallest male population today : 37

In 1914 : 3

Number of Egyptian anchorwomen suspended in August for being overweight : 8

Number of Syrian refugees settled in Erie, Pennsylvania : 265

In New York City and Los Angeles combined : 58

Years by which life expectancy has fallen for Syrian men since 2011 : 6

Number of suspected drug users or dealers who have been killed in the Filipino war on drugs since July : 2,078

Estimated number who have turned themselves in to the police : 700,000

Date on which the Justice Department announced that the thirteen privately run federal prisons would be closing : 8/18/2016

Number of state prisons that are at least partially run by private companies : 89

Factor by which the number of women held in local U.S. jails has increased since 1970 : 14

Rank of police officer among the deadliest professions in the United States : 15

Of logger : 1

Minimum number of traffic tickets that have been successfully challenged by an online chatbot named DoNotPay : 180,000

Factor by which the number of robocalls in the United States has increased over the past year : 3

Estimated number of postal codes into which a British startup has divided Mongolia : 175,000,000,000

Minimum number of Indian public employees who participated in a September strike : 160,000,000

Length in years of Irom Chanu Sharmila’s hunger strike against the Indian government : 16

Portion of the global population that has no access to a health-care worker : 1/5

Estimated portion of U.S. counties in which only one insurer will be available on their health exchange next year : 3/10

Number of states that require aborted fetuses to be either interred or cremated : 6

Number of states that do not require Electoral College members to vote for the candidate who won their state : 20

Number of states in which voters can be declared ineligible if they have a mental disability : 39

Percentage of Americans who cast a vote for either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump in the 2016 primary elections : 9

Minimum number of superdelegates at the Democratic National Convention who were registered lobbyists : 63

Factor by which employees are more likely to contribute to a given political campaign if their CEO does : 3

Number of general-election television ads aired by the Clinton campaign before the Trump campaign aired its first : 70,724

Number of countries that have had a female head of state : 52

Respective ranks of Clinton and Trump among the least liked presidential candidates since polling began : 2,1

Number of successive years that the United States has been operating under a state of emergency : 36

Number of different states of emergency currently in effect in the United States : 28

Percentage by which U.S. sales of adult-incontinence products are expected to rise by 2020 : 48

Figures cited are the latest available as of September 2016.

“Harper’s Index” is a registered trademark.

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