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From a list of nontraditional tableware at restaurants. The list was compiled by We Want Plates, a food blog.

Risotto in a mug

Tapas in a teacup

Peas in a latte glass

Bread in a handbag

Vegetable tempura in a shoe

Gin in a Converse sneaker

Squid in a clog

Soup in a stiletto

Soup in a coffee percolator

Coleslaw in a shopping cart

Pickles in a Russian doll

Toast in a tin bath

Chicken fingers in a skull

Breakfast on a surgical tray

Cheese on a skateboard

Raspberries on a rock

Sponge cake on a tree

Cotton candy on a horse’s head

Fish and chips on a Ferris wheel

Sausage rolls on a bathroom tile

Fish on a stick in a rock on a mirror

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December 2016

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