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Cost of a baby-stroller cleaning, with wheel detailing, at Tot Squad in New York City : $119.99

Percentage of Americans worth $25,000,000 or more who make at least $10,000 in charitable contributions each year : 65

Who spend at least that much on home improvement : 69

Amount Germany paid in November for Thomas Mann’s Los Angeles home, which was in danger of demolition : $13,250,000

Percentage of German garbage that is recycled : 47

Of Turkish garbage : 0

Amount invested by the Obama Administration in training former coal workers to operate drones : $2,200,000

Estimated percentage of Florida homes that will be underwater by 2100 : 13

Percentage by which a person reduces their paper consumption immediately after chopping down trees in virtual reality : 20

Net change, in acres, in the world’s forested land since 1990 : –319,000,000

In China’s : +126,500,000

Percentage by which the global wildlife population has declined since 1970 : 58

Amount the United States will spend to train giant African rats to detect illegal shipments of plants and wildlife : $100,000

Number of federal agencies that conducted experiments on dogs during the 2015 fiscal year : 5

Portion of those experiments that involved “significant pain and distress” : 1/4

Percentage change since 2010 in calls to the Pet Poison Helpline about pets that have eaten marijuana : +448

Date on which the British government publicly confirmed the presence of animal fat in the new five-pound note : 11/28/2016

Number of British notes that were destroyed in 2015 for being chewed or eaten : 5,364

Portion of the Canadian military that is overweight : 1/2

That is obese : 1/4

Number of Canadian jobs that were abolished when the government launched a more efficient payroll system last year : 700

Of Canadians who then experienced payment delays because of system errors : 80,000

Percentage of Zimbabwean government spending that goes toward paying public employees : 97

Number of participants in a 2016 poll on North Koreans’ political attitudes, the largest such poll ever conducted : 36

Factor by which the number of Chinese students attending U.S. high schools has increased over the past ten years : 43

Percentage of college admissions officers who look at applicants’ social-media accounts : 40

Minimum portion of the fifty largest U.S. police departments that use “predictive policing” software : 2/5

Percentage change in downloads of Signal, an encrypted text and calling app, since the presidential election : +400

Value of donations given to the American Civil Liberties Union in the week after the election : $7,200,000

In the week after the 2012 election : $27,806

Number of Supreme Court decisions repudiating Korematsu v. United States, which legalized Japanese-American internment : 0

Rank of 2015 among years with the most reported hate crimes against U.S. Muslims : 2

Of 2001 : 1

Days after becoming the first Somali-American lawmaker that Ilhan Omar was harassed in a cab for being Muslim : 28

Minimum number of individuals whom Donald Trump has directly insulted on Twitter since he declared his candidacy : 160

Date on which Trump tweeted that the musical American Idiot was an “amazing theatrical experience” : 4/21/2010

Number of floors by which the Trump World Tower’s advertised height exceeds its actual height : 19

Minimum number of countries in which Trump has business interests : 25

Rank of corrupt government officials among Americans’ greatest fears : 1

Of climate change : 17

Figures cited are the latest available as of December 2016.

“Harper’s Index” is a registered trademark.

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