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Methods women have used to induce abortion at times throughout history when clinical procedures were illegal or unavailable.

Drink lye

Swallow acid

Brew tea made of manure

Take a wormwood-tea enema

Douche with chili peppers

Apply a leech to the vagina

Insert a coat hanger into the uterus

Puncture the uterus with a bicycle spoke

Blow air into the uterus with a turkey baster

Squat over a pot of boiling onions

Pull out a tooth

Starve oneself

Bind the waist

Knead the abdomen

Hit the abdomen with a meat pulverizer

Beat the stomach with a baseball bat

Have two strong men shake the body

Take a bath in boiling water

Spend the night in the snow

Apply electric shocks to the thighs and groin

Jump off the roof