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No Child Left Behind


Methods women have used to induce abortion at times throughout history when clinical procedures were illegal or unavailable.

Drink lye

Swallow acid

Brew tea made of manure

Take a wormwood-tea enema

Douche with chili peppers

Apply a leech to the vagina

Insert a coat hanger into the uterus

Puncture the uterus with a bicycle spoke

Blow air into the uterus with a turkey baster

Squat over a pot of boiling onions

Pull out a tooth

Starve oneself

Bind the waist

Knead the abdomen

Hit the abdomen with a meat pulverizer

Beat the stomach with a baseball bat

Have two strong men shake the body

Take a bath in boiling water

Spend the night in the snow

Apply electric shocks to the thighs and groin

Jump off the roof